Zachary Scott is proud to announce the closing of a financing for Young Brothers, LLC (“Young Brothers”, or the “Company”). We are fortunate to have been able to work with a great management team and its local partners at Watanabe Ing LLP and Cades Schutte LLP.


Young Brothers is a water carrier freight company that transports goods among the islands of Hawaii. The Company and its affiliates are owned by Saltchuk Resources, Inc., which purchased ownership in 1999.

The Company is regulated by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (“HPUC”), which determines the coverage, schedule and pricing related to inter-island transport of certain goods. The HPUC also sets rules and conditions on the company’s capitalization including approval of all financings and all terms relating to a financing.

ZS Role

Zachary Scott was engaged by Young Brothers to arrange two facilities for the Company to fund working capital and capital expenditures. In addition, ZS assisted the Company in the application and approval process with the HPUC that was required to close the facilities.


Zachary Scott organized a competitive process to find the right partner(s) for the Company. After carefully evaluating several actionable lending alternatives, Young Brothers elected to partner with Wells Fargo & Company and The Bank of Hawaii Corporation. The two committed to a $60 million line of credit for capital expenditures and a $10 million line of credit for working capital.

We are pleased to have assisted a business that is essential to Hawaiian Islands commerce.