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As a boutique mergers and acquisitions advisor, Zachary Scott provides independent advice and
in-depth, thoughtful analysis for privately-held companies across a variety of industries and situations.

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You’re a successful business owner ready to retire and to indulge your wanderlust. Perhaps you own a business with your sister. You want out. She doesn’t. Or maybe you weren’t thinking of selling at all, but someone approaches with an offer that you can’t ignore. Should you consider it? What else is out there? What comes next?

You’re a middle market business leaderin the midst of a changing environment. Does that mean your business needs to embrace its own changes? You know you have options—your team presents them weekly—but you aren’t sure how to pick the best course from all of the good ones. Should you buy? Should you build? Do you need more capital to achieve your plan? How much? What kind?

You’re an investor maybe you’re a family office planning for the next twenty years—or an institution, planning for the next hundred. Maybe you’re a private equity fund weighing some portfolio decisions. How should you be thinking about the market? Where will the right opportunities be—not for everyone, but specifically for you?

Zachary Scott is the partner who works alongside you to achieve the best possible outcomes at these critical junctures. Partnership is the backbone of our approach. With us, you’ve got a pathfinder at your side—navigating among the options to the destination that’s best for you.

The Work.

With hundreds of transactions under our belt, our team is poised to help you reach your unique objectives. Check out the case studies below to see what we can deliver. Or click through to the work page to see the breadth of our work across industries, regions, and different business models.


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