Truitt Brothers, Inc. (“TBI”), headquartered in Salem, Oregon, produces a wide assortment of high-quality, shelf-stable, packaged entrees and meals. The Company’s products are produced in retort packaging that uses flexible plastic and metal-foil laminate pouches, trays, cups, and bowls. Thermal processing via rotational retort employs both heat and pressure to cook and sterilize the products. In doing so, microorganisms that can cause spoilage are very reliably eliminated. TBI’s shelf-stable products are healthy, nutritious meals marketed under well-known brands, including Kraft, Barilla, Jenny Craig, ConAgra Foods, and Nutrisystem.

ZS Role

Zachary Scott was engaged to evaluate TBI’s financing alternatives and assist in the implementation of a longer-term funding strategy in support of the Company’s continued growth.


ZS arranged senior revolving and term debt. The resulting five-years credit commitment was arranged with US Bank on terms that significantly reduce funding costs and increase balance-sheet flexibility.