The Joshua Green Corporation (“JGC”) is a leading Seattle-based investment company that principally focuses on long-term investments in public equities, real estate and privately held operating companies. JGC was interested in investigating the opportunity to arrange long-term, senior-debt financing. The proceeds of the financing would be deployed as patient capital investments in privately held operating companies.

ZS Role

Zachary Scott was engaged to canvas the market in a competitive process and arrange a ten-year, non-amortizing, fixed-rate financing. Zachary Scott was responsible for negotiating an arrangement with the lenders and structuring a derivative contract to lock in the interest rate over the life of the credit facility.


Zachary Scott succeeded in arranging a flexible, ten-year credit structure to support JGC’s long-term investment strategy. This process, coupled with a fiercely competitive credit market for high-quality borrowers, resulted in exceptionally favorable terms for JGC.