The Mariner Companies (“Mariner” or the “Company”) are a combination of nine entities engaged in the harvesting of Alaska crab. The Company owns Bering Sea / Aleutian Island crab quota and seven catcher vessels which are used to harvest both owned and leased quota, along with providing charter tendering services for salmon processors. After over 20 years of being partnered with Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (“BBEDC”), the original owners of the business decided to monetize their interests.

ZS Role

Zachary Scott was engaged as the exclusive financial advisor to represent the original owners in the sale of their interests in Mariner.


After canvassing the market for potential investors, Zachary Scott helped craft and negotiate a uniquely structured transaction which allowed for 30 Western Alaskan coastal communities to have direct ownership of Alaska crab quota and for Coastal Villages Regional Fund and BBEDC to own and operate the catcher vessel operations.