Premier Pacific Seafoods (“PPS”) provides product sales and vessel management services to the PV Ocean Phoenix (owned by Phoenix Processor Limited Partnership(“PPLP”)), which operates in the mothership sector of the Bering Sea fishery. The individual owners of PPS were contemplating the best way to gain liquidity for their shares and prepare the PPS/PPLP team to compete successfully in the future.

ZS Role

Based on its seafood industry experience and knowledge, Zachary Scott was engaged by the shareholders of PPS to assist in examining ownership options, and then to plan and execute a transaction that accomplished their ownership transition objectives.


Zachary Scott helped the owners consider and evaluate a variety of alternatives and then approached Westward Seafoods, a U.S. Subsidiary of Maruha, an international seafood company, with a concept for how its North Pacific business could benefit from an acquisition of PPS. Zachary Scott negotiated the resulting sale transaction and arranged a related financing of the PV Ocean Phoenix.