Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. (“PA&E” or the “Company”) located in Wenatchee, Washington, is a vertically integrated manufacturer of the highest quality hermetically sealed packaging solutions.  PA&E’s products protect critical function electronics for the defense, medical, and oil and gas industries among others.  The Company has developed proprietary sealing technologies, trade-secret production processes, and innovative materials that keep hybrid and conventional circuits functioning reliably under extreme environmental conditions including temperatures above 150°C and pressures in excess of 20ksi under extreme shock and vibration.  Esterline Technologies Corp. (“Esterline”) owned PA&E within its Sensors & Systems business segment.  As a part of the ongoing evaluation of operational alignment, Esterline decided to divest the PA&E subsidiary.

ZS Role

Zachary Scott was engaged as the exclusive financial advisor to represent Esterline in the sale of 100% of the stock of PA&E.


After a targeted search for potential acquirers, PA&E was sold to ShoreView Industries, a private equity fund investing in middle market manufacturing, distribution and service businesses since 1995.