NII FPG Co. (“NII” or the “Company”) is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-speed ring debarkers, a device that removes bark from logs prior to further processing. The Company sells a wide range of debarkers through two distinct brands: Nicholson, based in Canada, and Valon Kone, based in Finland. Nicholson and Valon Kone debarkers are predominately employed in the world’s largest wood converting facilities (sawmills, plywood plants, and chip plants).

The Company also designs and manufactures a line of purpose-built timber harvesting equipment via its Madill brand. The Madill product line includes feller bunchers, log loaders, and log yarders, each of which plays an important role in cutting, gathering, and moving timber from the forest.

After decades of private ownership, the owner wished to identify a partner that could further extend the Company’s position in the global wood products industry.

ZS Role

NII FPG engaged Zachary Scott as the exclusive financial advisor to represent the owner in a sale of 100% of the company.


NII was acquired by Kadant Inc., a publicly held supplier of equipment and components used in wood processing, paper, and other process industries worldwide. This business combination complements Kadant’s existing wood processing product businesses and extends Kadant deeper into the forest products industry.