Bellingham Cold Storage (“BCS” or the “Company”) is an owner and operator of over 13.4 million cubic feet of cold storage in 16 temperature-controlled warehouses located in Bellingham, Washington. The Company services over 100 customers in the seafood, fruit, vegetable, dairy and perishable food industries throughout the Pacific Northwest, utilizing a proprietary inventory management system that provides customers with real-time reporting, EDI and automated cold storage facility management.

The owners were seeking a partner who could provide partial liquidity and stable long-term support of the business in its community.

ZS Role

Joshua Green Corporation (“JGC” or the “Buyer”) engaged Zachary Scott as the exclusive financial advisor to represent JGC in the investment in BCS.


JGC acquired a majority of BCS, partnering with Stowe Talbot, who represents the third generation of BCS family ownership, and Doug Thomas, the CEO, thereby continuing local management and control of the business.