Intercoastal, Inc. (“Intercoastal” or the “Company”) is a premier supplier of fasteners to the commercial aerospace industry. The Company serves aerospace OEMs and subcontractors with a wide variety of fasteners, clamps, grommets, hinges, and fittings. Intercoastal optimizes supply chain solutions to deliver the right quantities at the right time to minimize the total cost of component acquisition for their customers. To facilitate wealth diversification and management transition, the majority owner wanted to find a buyer for the business who could value what had been built and facilitate his transition to retirement.

ZS Role

Intercoastal engaged Zachary Scott as the exclusive financial advisor to represent the owners in a sale of the Company.


After a thorough process to create a competitive market, Intercoastal was sold to Herndon Products (“Herndon”), headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Herndon Products is an aerospace parts supplier and distributor providing traditional distribution services as well as vendor managed inventory options. Herndon partnered with HCI Equity Partners, a private equity firm with offices in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, and Chicago, to complete the transaction.