Frontier Packaging, Inc. (“Frontier” or the “Company”) is the leading supplier of packaging materials and related logistics to the Alaskan seafood industry. The Company dominates the Alaska seafood packaging market by consolidating thousands of packaging products from a wide range of vendors and coordinating the logistics of infrequent freight schedules for precise delivery to remote locations. After nearly a decade of ownership, the Company’s majority owner, The Gladstone Companies (“Gladstone”), desired to monetize its successful investment.

ZS Role

Gladstone engaged Zachary Scott as the exclusive financial advisor to represent the owners in a sale of the stock of Frontier.


After a broad, highly competitive process, Frontier was sold to Gen Cap America (“Gen Cap”), a private equity firm based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Gen Cap teamed with Frontier’s management in a transaction that provided managers with an opportunity to continue to own a significant portion of the Company.