Evans-Hamilton, Inc. (“EHI”) is a leading meteorological and oceanographic consultant to the offshore oil and gas, coastal engineering, and remediation industries. EHI customers were increasingly demanding support on international projects, leading the shareholder managers to conclude that EHI’s global growth initiatives would best be served if combined with a company having an international infrastructure.

ZS Role

Zachary Scott was engaged as exclusive financial advisor to represent the EHI shareholders in a sale of the company to a strategic party that would enhance its ability to support international customers.


After consideration of many potentially desirable partners, EHI agreed to be acquired by a U.S. subsidiary of RPS Group Plc (“RPS”), a publicly-held international environmental consultancy headquartered in the United Kingdom. RPS provides advice upon the development of natural resources, land and property, the management of the environment and the health and safety of people.

The acquisition of EHI is part of RPS’s continued growth strategy to strengthen its energy and environmental activities in the U.S. and expand its services in oceanographic consulting on an international basis.