Colville Holdings, LLC (“Colville” or the “Company”) is an arctic logistics company serving Alaska’s North Slope with fuel and industrial supply distribution and waste management, towing, transportation, lodging, and aviation services.  The Company’s operations span the North Slope oil fields from Point Thompson to the National Petroleum Reserves in Alaska, and across the entirety of Alaska’s Arctic region.  For over 60 years, the Company’s fuel operations have stored, sold, and distributed a wide range of fuels including ultra-low sulfur diesel, Jet A, and arctic heating fuel.

Following discussions with Northern Oilfield Solutions LLC (“NOS”, a subsidiary of Saltchuk Resources), Colville agreed to acquire certain fuel-related assets in the Prudhoe Bay region of Alaska, including 1.2 million-gallon capacity storage tanks and fuel distribution assets.

ZS Role

Zachary Scott was engaged by Colville as the exclusive financial advisor to represent the Company in the acquisition.


Following detailed due diligence and negotiations on the terms of the acquisition, the Company acquired the Prudhoe Bay assets from NOS. The acquisition allows Colville to add North Slope fuel storage capacity and distribution equipment that will assure a high level of service to its customers throughout the year.

Colville represents another oil field services and fuel distribution business that has turned to Zachary Scott for advice on important strategic matters. Other past clients in this space also include Crowley Maritime, Saltchuk Resources, Little Red Services, PetroCard, and Bristol Alliance Fuels.